A Three Minute Conclusion

Stop your heart, it's time for love

Stop your heart, it’s time for love

It’s been a month since my time in Europe with the infamous #twerkteam (K, A, Z, R & A). In order to immortalize our youthful selves in motion, I spent my 20 hour journey to Singapore editing a short “music video” of our group parading our way through Western Europe. It was the most fun I’ve had with film + editing (please note I am a complete beginner and had to edit the film without YouTube tutorials/internet…hah). I’d like to thank Icona Pop for coming out with a catchy summer song. It was absolutely perfect for the way we conducted ourselves during our trip 😉


People often ask me the same questions, of which include: “what was your favourite part of backpacking Europe,” and/or “what was your favourite city?” I have a love-hate relationship with general, open-ended questions like these…how am I to boil down 4.5 weeks of city-hopping with my best friends in a clear, concise and interesting manner? The answer is that I don’t. I find myself bursting with stories, names of people we met and tourist attractions we refused to pay for. I then proceed to blab about how I can’t wait to go back to visit Greece, Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic, and more…The moral of the story is: don’t ask Joanna about how Europe was unless you have some time on your hands 🙂

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

HOWEVER…In a nutshell, these were my favourite moments in Europe…:

+ Road-trippin’ from Berlin –> Munich –> Paris. Road trips are the best, especially with the copious amounts of shameless karaoke you can do with your friends. Plus the auto-bahn is scary, and ausfahrts (exits) sound cool in German.
+ Seeing the Queen in London. Too bad she didn’t wave. I kept screaming “hey, lady you’re on our money!” but she didn’t respond.
+ Paying  €16 for an overwhelmingly huge/satisfying meal in Nice (L’Ovale). The Charcuterie board Z ordered as an appetizer was enough to feed three families for a couple of days. I swear.

We build pyramids, how about you?

We build pyramids, how about you?

+ Doing cartwheels in front of the Eiffel Tower at dusk. People were jealous that we had a picnic, a tripod + dslr camera, and booties to twerk with. Best night in Paris, ever.
+ Getting called out for stealing too many cheese samples in Amsterdam. I felt guilty for days…but it was so worth it. Smoked gouda for the win.
+ Riding dirty in Berlin. If you don’t know what this means, then you should watch this video. Okay fine, that’s not really what I meant…we just never paid for transit in Berlin, and we felt badass.
+ Watching the sun rise in Barcelona. If there’s a beach, then there’s an eventual sunrise that’s bound to be beautiful, right?

I never knew gatorade existed in ocean-form. This looked incredible in real life, to an extreme where I thought I was dreaming.

I never knew gatorade existed in ocean-form. This looked incredible in real life, to an extreme where I thought I was dreaming.

My body is so ready to go back but my wallet is not. I’ll be back one day, just you wait.

P.S. Yes I’m on exchange in Singapore. And yes, I should be blogging about Singaporean humidity, hawker centres and the rainbow lights here at NUS. I’ll save that for another day, trust me 🙂


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