I confess that I never understood the hype about London until this trip. Crowded, bustling, and full of life, this city is one that I’ll miss. Here are some shots of London that I particularly enjoy:






There’s something that Trevor Barnes wrote that resonated with me throughout my time in London. If I remember correctly, spending time in the archives, researching works of scholars past, is akin to taking the “pulse of the dead.” Similarly, being in London, seeing the sights and having sensory overload made me cognisant of the many people who’ve passed on, through and in this grand city.

The history of London absolutely blows my Norh American mind. Londoners are walking cobbled streets older than the city of Vancouver itself.  I feel as though we are constantly trying to impress ourselves with 10, 50 or 100 year milestones…the world is vast beyond the boundaries of my home city, it makes me wary of ever going back.

Joking mom, please don’t cry!

Off to Amsterdam now, we are on the 4:20 flight. I wonder if they scheduled that on purpose.


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