And…we’re off!

Well, this is it folks. After a thorough 1 year planning period, I am officially off to Europe for a good month! Here’s my itinerary…..

June 5 – 10: London
June 10 – 15: Amsterdam/Rotterdam
June 15 – 19: Berlin
June 19 – 21: Munich
June 21 – 26: Paris/Versailles
June 26 – 29: Nice/Antibes
June 29 – July 4: Barcelona
July 4 – 6: Ibiza

And of course, a map:

1st stop: London. Last stop: Lisbon.

1st stop: London. Last stop: Lisbon.

Leading up to this day, friends were incessantly asking me the same questions…”Aren’t you excited? Are you excited? WHY AREN’T YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?!” I believe the answer is that I have a tendency to not believe life is happening to me until it stares at me blatantly in the face. Speaking of friends – thank you, experienced globe-trotting friends for sending our group lists upon lists of off-beat things to do, eat, and see. I’ve resolved to document (instagram, tweet & blog) my 1 month journey as much as possible…but knowing me, I may be a bit too ambitious at this point in time.

No doubt, this will be a trip of a lifetime. Six friends are to conquer a small portion of Europe, one bus ride at a time. Wish me luck, I sure don’t hope I don’t get “Taken“!


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